5 Types of Sugar Daddies in Australia

Businessman Sugar DaddyHave you ever thought about the top 5 types of sugar daddies in Australia?

Before we explain further, it's a common misconception that all sugar daddies are the same. When asked what a sugar daddy is, most people will respond with something like: older, wealthy men looking for younger attractive women to have a commercial arrangement or relationship with, in return for financial assistance.

But, no, sugar daddies are not all the same and in Australia there are, in fact, many different types; the top 5 can be summarised as follows:

Busy businessman

The busy businessman sugar daddy is always on the go, looking after his business interests, and trying to make more money; he has no time for conventional dating, no time to frequent clubs and bars looking to find the right women for a long term relationship. So, he turns to a sugar baby for companionship and an arrangement of a physical nature - offering his baby gifts or tuition fees or other financial rewards in return for her services.

With an older wife who doesn't satisfy him

The second type of sugar daddy in Australia is the older man whose relationship with his existing wife, who he might have married years and years ago and is roughly the same age as him, is no longer fulfilling - either mentally or sexually. He has plenty of money but can't or won't divorce his wife. The solution: find a sugar baby he can have a discrete arrangement with - perhaps renting or buying her an apartment so as he can spend some quality time with her when he wants; at other times, it's back home to his unsuspecting wife!

The first timer

With the continuing increase in sugar baby sugar daddy type arrangements in Australia we are seeing more and more newcomers to this dating niche - men who have long been interested in being a sugar daddy but never tried being one before. Now, with so many specialised sugar baby dating sites making access to young attractive women easier (and, of course, more sugar babies around as well), there has been a major uplift in the numbers of newbie sugar daddies on the hunt...

“No strings attached” daddy

There are some sugar daddies who make it clear from the outset of an arrangement with their sugar baby that there has to be no strings attached; they will happily take care of their sugar baby financially but that's it! No chance of a long term relationship, no plan to become emotionally attached and, possibly, no chance of being seen out and about on the town as if they were a couple; the relationship may purely just be based on a physical arrangement...

The granddad type

Like everywhere else, Australia has its fair share of granddad type sugar daddies. The older, wealthy man who looks his age; dresses like an older man and, probably, behaves like one too. But, he has the money - and yearns for companionship and friendship as much as a physical relationship. What does he do? He turns to a sugar baby who may be young enough to be his daughter, or even granddaughter, so as to enjoy some eye-candy. These men, often in the twilight of their life, can be very generous and many a sugar baby has benefited particularly well when she has found this type of sugar daddy!

These are the top 5 types of sugar daddies in Australia (there are more…) and it's really up to a sugar baby to decide what she wants and what type of older wealthy man she is comfortable in having an arrangement with.

In any event, both the sugar daddy and the sugar baby should take their time to decide what they want from their arrangement to make sure it has some degree of longevity...

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