Is it Possible to Fall in Love with Your Sugar Daddy

Sugar Daddy LoveSugar Daddy and Sugar Baby relationships are almost without exception, initially, commercial arrangements.

Our older, usually wealthy, Sugar Daddy is looking for a young, attractive Sugar Baby to take care of, both financially and physically; in other words, if the commercial terms are right and the parties are content with the arrangement, then it's a deal! In reality, it doesn't really matter whether the arrangement involves payment of rent or tuition fees or a clothing or travel allowance by the Sugar Daddy; or whether it involves the Sugar Baby offering companionship or friendship or maybe services of a physical or sexual nature.

Yet, sometimes the relationship between a Sugar Daddy and his Sugar Baby can evolve. It can evolve and develop into something more permanent than just an arrangement where money or goods are changing hands.


Well, sometimes the Sugar Baby will come to realise that her Sugar Daddy is, for example, genuinely kind hearted and has a nice, pleasant character. He may be still in good physical shape and be handsome and distinguished looking. The Sugar Baby may begin to appreciate that there is more to the man than just his money.

Conversely, the Sugar Daddy may soon become aware that his Sugar Baby is an intelligent young woman (perhaps either still studying or recently graduated), with great potential and ambition and character; she may be someone that the Sugar Daddy develops real feelings for, and not just see her as temporary companion.

Or both the Sugar Daddy and the Sugar Baby may realise that they have common interests in, say, sports or the arts or travel; enjoying sharing or playing the same activities; indeed, maybe they even have the same sense of humour!

It's not so unusual for to people who come together for a business type of arrangement to, over time, develop feelings and, eventually, love for each other. This does not only apply to Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies and it's possible to recount tales of other people in professional sports such as gymnastics or athletics, or in the cinema or on TV where many actors and actresses end up in long-term relationships.

Yes, it cannot be denied that most Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies do, generally, start off with the expectation of having a short term, compensated arrangement. However, given the effluxion of time and the fact that, as both parties get to know each other better, it may well be that the attraction becomes genuine and, notwithstanding their probable large age-gap, their relationship starts to become more akin to any other long-term relationship between men and women... and they fall in love with each other!

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