Choosing the Kind of Sugar Daddy You Like

choose sugar daddyOnce you've made the decision to become a sugar baby, your next step is to determine what kind of man you're hoping to enter into a relationship with. After all, you'll be spending a lot of time with him, so you need to make sure that both of you are on the same page. The following are the kind of men you are likely to meet when searching profiles for that new sugar daddy.

The Married Man

There are many sugar daddies who are married. They are looking for someone to provide companionship, and typically have no desire to replace their wives. Instead, they're looking for someone who will act as a distraction from his boring, daily life. You might be surprised by how many married sugar daddies don't even want sex!

No Photos Please

While it may seem scary to try to contact someone who doesn't provide a photo, it is often because he is established in the community or well-known, and so wants to maintain his privacy. Be prepared that this man might not provide a photo at all for these reasons. Just make sure you meet in a very public place to keep yourself safe.

The Torso

Sugar babies will also come across photos that are torsos – typically finely chiseled torsos. These sugar daddies are proud of how they look, but may not be ready to show their face all over the web on sugar sites. You should expect this type to want a pay-when-you-meet type of relationship until he gets over his discomfort.

Older Daddies

There are also much older men who are looking for younger women to pamper and take care of. This type of relationship doesn't have to be a bad thing – after all, he's going to have tons of experience and knowledge that he will love passing on so he can help you achieve your goals.

The Business Man

Successful, rich businessmen don't have all that much time for dating and fun. He isn't looking for a serious relationship, but rather someone who can be available when he gets out of those meetings early for a change. He'll also want you to be mature about the situation, which means no clinginess – just be ready to look great on his arm when he wants to take you out.

These are the most common types of sugar daddies you'll meet when perusing profiles. Make sure to do some soul searching to make sure you can handle each type – if not, move on to one that better suits you.

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