How to Get a Sugar Daddy to Pay my Bills

Getting a sugar daddy to pay your bills requires techniques and strategies. This article will summarise the main approaches to getting a sugar daddy to give you money and pay your bills, so that you can actually date a sugar daddy rather than a salt daddy.

Beautiful Woman with Money

  • The direct approach. If you are dating an experienced sugar daddy, you should use the direct approach. Just ask him, "Have you ever had an arrangement before?" If he says yes, you know it's on. So you can begin to talk about allowance directly. If he asks you, "Have you had an arrangement before?" You can say yes (as long as you are not a virgin), and then you just talk about the allowance you had in the past (it's okay to make this part up if you like). Of course, you wouldn't say your previous sugar daddy was actually a salt daddy who didn't even give you allowance! You only want to bring up positive experiences in the past which can help you with your money discussion now. If you complain about your ex sugar daddy, your new sugar daddy won't be willing to give you allowance in his subconscious mind.
  • The indirect approach. This is an art form. You don't directly mention allowance, but you imply this in your interactions with your sugar daddy. A case in point is telling your sugar daddy that you need to go shopping - When he is in a good mood, send him a sext with a link to Tiffany's ("...and I will wear these only"). You can also ask your sugar daddy to give you cash for regular spa appointments so that you can look your best for him. Or you can ask him to pay for your gym membership and personal trainer's sessions, so that you can look radiant for him. Remember: sugar daddies are more willing to give you money when they can see they will benefit from it. That's why the indirect approach works so well. Next time when you go to a dinner party with him, you can tell him that you don't have the right clothes to wear: "but this is a Michelin-starred restaurant." Now your sugar daddy will get the gist of it - in order to make himself look good, he should give you cash to buy some fancy clothes.
  • Payment methods when it comes to receiving allowance from a sugar daddy. Never give your bank account details to any sugar daddies because you don't want to take such a risk. When you are still chatting with a potential sugar daddy online, don't reveal your bank account details or any personal information because you don't even know him yet! Receiving cash is always good because that's the safest way to get allowance from sugar daddies, but sometimes it's not very convenient, as not every bill can be paid by cash, right? As a consequence, you can use check, money order, Venmo or PayPal to receive allowance. Check and money order are a bit old-fashioned, but most sugar daddies are old-fashioned anyway, aren't they? So it's easier for a sugar daddy to accept check and money order as payment method. However, ideally, you'd better receive allowance via Venmo or PayPal because your sugar daddy only needs to know your email address or your phone number in order to give you money! That means your personal information is yours only.
  • Which approach do you prefer, direct or indirect? Which payment method do you use with your sugar daddy?

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