How to Identify a Fake Sugar Daddy

Identify Sugar DaddyWhen one thinks of a Sugar Daddy, almost certainly a set image comes to mind.

This person, in the minds of most people is likely to be an older, wealthy, still-handsome man. He will probably be a position of power or esteem in his successful business and be looking for an attractive young woman to be his Sugar Baby. Our Sugar Daddy will want to take care of his Baby, possibly providing tuition fees or paying the Sugar Baby's rent and, perhaps, taking her travelling with him on business and pleasure trips.

Yet, whilst this sort of arrangement has been going on for many years, with both the Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby benefitting from such arrangement, unfortunately there are some men who are not quite what they seem.

In other words, there are some men who pretend that they are going to be Sugar Daddies to their Sugar Babies whereas they are not real but fake Sugar Daddies trying to take advantage of vulnerable younger women aspiring for a better life.

One key question is: just how do Sugar Babies spot a fake Sugar Daddy and avoid being trapped in a situation they don't wish to be in?

Well, some signs to look out for to see if the Sugar Daddy is, or is not, genuine may include:

  • Age: most real Sugar Daddies are likely to be in their 40s and 50s, maybe even older; a young man in his 20s or 30s may be unlikely to have the money or even the inclination to be a Sugar Daddy
  • Aura: wealthy, powerful men usually have a certain aura of authority and sense of refinement about them; whilst this is intangible, it's likely that a Sugar Baby can identify such if traits are real or fake
  • Adornments: it's likely that a real Sugar Daddy will have the trappings of wealth such as expensive suits, clothes, watches and cars; for any fake Sugar Daddy he may not be able to demonstrate he has such items
  • Places they visit: a wealthy, real Sugar Daddy will only take his Sugar Baby to the better restaurants and bars or clubs and will not wish to be seen in other less salubrious places
  • Promises: a Sugar Baby should make a point to see real evidence to support the promises the Sugar Daddy may make before she commits to being his Baby; for example, evidence of his intent to pay her study fees or rental or other commitments

A fake Sugar Daddy should be easy to identify but it's really up to the Sugar Baby to do some research and due diligence herself before she commits to being to the Baby for a genuine Daddy...

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