Why is Sugar Daddy Dating So Popular in Australia

australian sugar daddyWhen you think of a sugar daddy, it most likely conjures up images of a rich elderly gent in a velvet smoking jacket, a cigar in his mouth and a large wad of cash dangling from his pocket. Basically, you think of a certain Hugh Hefner.

While that stereotype exists for a reason, sugar daddies come in all shapes and sizes, and they are popular - particularly among attractive young women who are looking for a high flying, champagne lifestyle. Cue the sugar daddy dating service.

Pioneered by the likes of web entrepreneur Brandon Wade, the sugar daddy dating site is something that is celebrated by young women in pursuit of a life of luxury, and it's picking up momentum.

What's astonishing is that the most popular place for the sugar daddy dating site is Australia. Yes, they love a sugar daddy or two Down Under.

So, sugar daddy Australia dating is on the rise, but why is it so popular with antipodeans?

Okay, so not everyone in Australia is in search of a sugar daddy. Wealthy, middle-aged women aren't likely to search for an older gent with cash, as they don't need the financial security - it seems that those who are looking the hardest are young, educated university students.

Young, gifted and broke, these women have recently turned to sugar daddy dating sites in Australia in pursuit of a more than comfortable existence while concentrating on their studies. Particular areas of Australia are particularly affluent; therefore, there are a lot of wealthy older men looking for companionship, chiefly from girls half their age - and sites like Seeking Arrangement are helping these people meet their match.

The rising cost of education, coupled with hefty rents has driven a sugar daddy trend among young Australian students, and according to a recent study, there are currently 82,760 'sugar babies' in the country, easing the burden of student debt with an average monthly allowance of $3000.

Looking at Australia's major universities, the institutes with the most sugar daddy dating subscriptions are the University of Sydney and the University of Newcastle.

So, young beautiful Australian university students have a particularly sweet tooth, and the convenience of these sugar daddy dating services seem to meet the needs of their busy, demanding lifestyles while providing them with deeper pockets - something that is certainly needed as the cost of living continues to rise across the country.

In Australia, it looks like intelligent, youthful women with big ambitions prefer luxury as opposed to crippling debt and if both parties are happy with the arrangement, perhaps these kinds of partnerships could end up becoming matches made in heaven.

It looks like people in major Australian cities know exactly what they want and sugar daddy dating sites help them to go out and get it. It's a trend that's growing all the time, and who knows, sugar daddy dating sites could end up the next big craze nationwide.

Watch this space.

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