The Sugar Daddy's Lifestyle in Australia

Do you know that Australia has the world's most popular sugar daddies? From a recent survey, it can be seen that Australian sugar daddies live a high life and their lifestyle is more luxurious than sugar daddies in other countries.

Sugar Daddy Lifestyle

  • Sugar daddies are everywhere in Australia. It's relatively easy to find a sugar daddy in Australia because sugar daddies are everywhere in this country. That's because Australians make more money than people in other countries, especially men in Australia. Therefore, you can meet sugar daddies in almost every upscale venue, e.g. the restaurants and bars of five-star hotels.
  • Australian sugar daddies may have private boats, private jets or private islands. The story in Fifty Shades of Grey is probably only a fantasy in the United States and the United Kingdom, but actually, stories like that is reality in Australia. These successful Australian men not only have fancy jobs, houses and cars, but also have a lot of luxury things that you see in movies, i.e. private boats, jets, and even islands. Maybe you already know people who have private boats in Australia. And if you keep looking for rich men here, you'll notice some of them actually have private jets and private islands because there are so many islands around the mainland of Australia and some of those are owned by sugar daddies.
  • Australian sugar daddies have the resources to spoil their sugar babies. I'm not only talking about money. In fact, many Australian sugar daddies have other uncommon resources to spoil women. For example, they have time. I even know a sugar daddy who pays his sugar baby for spending time with him when he is travelling and he doesn't even expect her to have sex with him – in every Australian city, he has a sugar baby, so when he goes to other cities, he has coffee with his sugar babies.
  • Australian sugar daddies are cultured, so they enjoy intelligent conversations. Like I mentioned above, some Australian sugar daddies enjoy intelligent conversations with sugar babies so much that they are happy to pay these women for talking to them. If you are a very well-educated sugar baby, you'll be surprised how popular you are among sugar daddies in Australia.
  • Australian sugar daddies go out of their way to spoil sugar babies. This may sound surprising, but rich Australian men are more likely to contribute more to their sugar relationships. Once I met a wealthy man while flying first class from Sydney to Los Angeles. He was an Australian sugar daddy travelling to the United States just to spend time with his American sugar baby. You may wonder why the hell does he need to hook up with an American sugar baby since there are already so many women in Australia, right? As a matter of fact, a lot of Australian sugar daddies choose American women because there aren't enough Australian sugar babies on sugar daddy dating sites (the ratio of sugar babies in Australia is actually lower than the ratio in other countries, whereas the ratio of sugar daddies in Australia is higher than the ratio in other countries).
  • Australian sugar daddies are not living in a dog-eat-dog society. Australia is indeed a unique country. It is best characterised by beach, sunshine and beer, so it is the most popular holiday destination in the world. As a result, the Australian culture is quite relaxed and Australian sugar daddies are laid-back. Unlike the United States where people are competing with each other and the United Kingdom where people are careful all the time, Australia has the right ambience for sugar relationships. No wonder Australian sugar daddies are wealthy, successful, caring and generous - they are very high quality sugar daddies.

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