Sydney Scandal: Are These Asian Women Sugar Babies or Not

Recently, a piece of shocking news broke out: Because prostitution is legal in some states in Australia, there are countless Asian prostitutes working in this country. Yet their living environment is hard to believe. Initially, these Asian women thought they were going to become sugar babies in Australia - their lifestyle should be all about the beach, the sunshine, the cafe and the afternoon tea. However, the reality is unbelievable.

Asian Sugar Baby

  • Most Asian escorts in Australia are from Hong Kong and South Korea. Before these Asian ladies came to Australia, their "agents" that posed as "travel agencies" told them that they would become Australian sugar babies. Yet their real life in Australia is actually all about living and sleeping on the mattresses of underground brothels, doing drugs and being controlled by the brothel - they don't even have freedom, so they look like slaves. "I met a client in 2018 and now he is helping me to get a permanent visa in Australia," says Tessa, a 21-year-old woman from Hong Kong, "I think if I marry him, I might become a sugar baby. But I don't know whether this kind of marriage is legitimate or not. This potential sugar daddy is 49 years older than me."
  • These Asian ladies are definitely conned by some con artists. Before coming to Australia, these Asian girls were told that they would become sugar babies in Sydney, so they were happy to pay for their own flights as well as AU$15,000 (study and visa fees). In other words, they paid for their own pathway to Australia. Basically, those so-called "travel agencies" used these women's dreams of becoming Sydney sugar babies in order to make money from them. This is incredible because Hong Kong and South Korea are well-known for their prosperity: The Four Asian Tigers are the economies of Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan. Clearly, women in Hong Kong and South Korea are able to live a decent life in their home countries. But unfortunately, since they wanted an even better life, they came to Sydney and became escorts rather than real sugar babies in Sydney.
  • How did this happen? The truth is most sugar daddy dating sites aren't very well-known in Asian countries. That is to say, the majority of sugar daddy dating websites are in English, so these dating platforms are available in English-speaking countries. Although Seeking Arrangement ( has a Chinese website, its app has been banned by Apple already. As a consequence, a lot of Asian beauties don't have the opportunity to meet legitimate sugar daddies. That's why they have been used by con artists for illegal profit. Because it's an international activity, it's difficult for the police to do investigation. Also, most Asian women in this situation don't have the resources to help themselves. For example, many of them don't speak English well. And they also don't know how to ask for help, for they are trapped in those underground brothels all day and all night. Their situation is very, very, very, very brutal.
  • What's the solution? The best way to maximize the benefits of youth and beauty is to get a real sugar daddy. Instead of trusting "travel agencies", beautiful women would be well-advised to look for legitimate sugar daddies who are happy to spoil young women. For instance, you can join a reputable sugar daddy dating website and meet sugar daddies. Alternatively, you can also meet potential sugar daddies offline by attending high-profile events. If you look extremely attractive, this offline approach should work for you. If you need extra support, you can still join a sugar baby dating site for some direct assistance.

In order to find real providers such as sugar daddies, attractive women should become legitimate sugar babies instead of trusting fake travel agencies.

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