The Truth About Dating Younger Women From a Sugar Daddy

Dating Younger WomenAn Australian businessman has opened up about his sugar lifestyle. Scott, a CEO who owns department stores and hotels in Sydney, has enjoyed the unconventional love life with sugar babies for nearly five years. So, what does "sugaring" mean? The 55-year-old rich man has shared his stories with us in detail.

"I started to get attention from younger women in my 40s because I built successful businesses in Sydney and women are attracted to powerful men," says Scott, "However, I didn't know there is a fantastic way to build mutually beneficial relationships without hassle until I saw a website called Seeking Arrangement - the world's biggest sugar daddy dating site, so I joined Seeking Arrangement in 2013 and I'm still a member today."

According to Scott, he has met many young women via this website. Most of these women are university students, ambitious models and actresses. Scott says his dating preference is gorgeous girls with brains. Interestingly, the majority of women on sugar daddy dating sites are intelligent and hot; otherwise, they wouldn't even want to join sugar daddy dating websites.

"Based on what I've seen, women on sugar daddy dating apps are switched-on modern women who knows what they deserve as well as how to get what they want," says Scott, "I have really enjoyed my love life since 2013 because dating has become colourful, stimulating and fun. More importantly, dating isn't stressful at all in the sugar bowl."

It is said that almost every university in Australia has some female students on sugar daddy dating sites. In fact, the sugar lifestyle is much more popular in Australia than in other English-speaking countries, partly because Australians are more open-minded, and partly because the cost of living in Australia is higher than that in other English-speaking countries.

"Actually, another reason why Australia has a higher percentage of sugar daddies is that this is one of the richest countries in the world where a lot of men have opportunities to become wealthy and successful. I'm the lucky and hardworking guy who's made it," says Scott.

Scott also claims that Australian women like the honesty in arrangements because the Australian culture is very relaxed and laid-back - people hate playing mind games in dating and relationships. That's why sugar daddy dating websites are extremely popular in Australia.

Scott said, "When I lived in Adelaide for three months last year, I changed my location on Seeking Arrangement from Sydney to Adelaide. Even in Adelaide, I met many attractive sugar babies instantly via that sugar daddy dating site. Obviously, the sugar lifestyle is very commonplace everywhere in this country - even in a small town like Adelaide, there are so many sugar babies looking for sugar daddies."

As a matter of fact, Scott doesn't sleep with every sugar baby that he has met. Sometimes he only wants to have a female friend to hang out with. It's perfectly normal to look for companionship rather than a sexual relationship on sugar daddy sites.

When we asked how much money Scott spends on sugar babies, he told us that he spends about $4000 on each sugar baby that he is seeing per month. In Australia, that's the monthly salary of a full-time job. Clearly, these young women know how to get paid by having fun.

"It's not just about dating. Honestly, sometimes I mentor these younger women because they want career advice and I'm happy to help them," says Scott, "an arrangement is more than a transaction; it's also a meaningful relationship that is built on friendship, trust, chemistry and genuine love."

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