Top 5 Sugar Baby Universities in Australia

It is said that compared to other English-speaking countries, Australia has the highest percentage of sugar babies and sugar daddies amongst its population. A reliable source has recently reported that at least 50% of Australian sugar babies are university students. That's because a growing number of university students have realised that they don't have to have student loan (debt) if they date sugar daddies who will give them allowance regularly and pay their tuition fees. Also, the growing cost of living in Australia and the increasingly stiff competition in employment have contributed to this phenomenon in this country. Here is a list of top 5 sugar baby universities in Australia.

Sugar Baby Universities

#1: University of Sydney

According to an Australian sugar daddy dating expert, Sydney has the biggest number of sugar babies in Australia. Small wonder University of Sydney ranks No.1 in this list. There is a range of sugar daddy dating sites on the Internet - all of them indicate that the majority of university students who joined these sugar baby dating sites study at University of Sydney, if their location is New South Wales. Clearly, University of Sydney is one of the best universities in Australia; meanwhile, this university has the largest number of switched-on young women who know their worth and also know how to get it easily without working their ass off. A 20-year-old student called Krystal says, "My youth and beauty won't last long, so I might as well use my assets now."

#2: Griffith University

On Griffith University's official website, it says that this university ranks in the top three percent of universities internationally. Obviously, Griffith University is a tip-top university in Queensland. At the same time, this university ranks No.2 on this list because currently, it has 475 students on SeekingArrangement alone. There are many other sugar baby dating websites where many more students from Griffith University have signed up as sugar babies looking for sugar daddies.

#3: Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology is also known as RMIT University. As one of the most popular universities in Melbourne, it has many female students joining sugar daddy dating websites. Melbourne is famous for its luxury lifestyle. In 2013, Emily Power wrote a book called The Fashionista's Guide to Shopping in Melbourne which has been sensational in Australia. Many sugar babies from other Australian cities fly to Melbourne just for shopping. Of course, local sugar babies in Melbourne definitely wouldn't miss out on that.

#4: University of Queensland

Surprisingly, another university in Queensland ranks very high in this list. Research shows that Brisbane (the capital of Queensland) is also known as "Las Vegas of Australia". That means many people in Queensland are very open-minded and know how to enjoy life. Because sugar babies are aware of finer things in life, lots of female students from University of Queensland have joined sugar daddy sites. A 19-year-old student called Vivian says, "Sugar dating sites are addictive because they are so good. I've joined three sugar daddy websites."

#5: Monash University

Interestingly, the biggest university in Australia ranks No.5 of this list. A major study suggests that because Monash University has the largest number of students in this country, it certainly has the largest number of sugar babies as well. Apparently, many sugar baby sites have confirmed that Monash University indeed has a very big number of sugar babies. That explains why two universities in Victoria rank so high in this list.

There are many other Australian universities that have a lot of sugar babies who joined sugar daddy dating sites, and here we have only listed the top 5. Although Sydney has the largest number of sugar babies, Melbourne has the largest number of sugar daddies. Therefore, sugar dating experts in Australia maintain that it would be better for Sydney-based sugar babies to move to Melbourne because the competition is not very fierce in Victoria.

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