Women's Understanding of Sugar Daddy Dating

Different WomenInterview with women in the US, the UK and Australia

Recently we have conducted a survey among women in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. The survey is about women's understanding of sugar daddy dating. When our dating expert asked women, “What if I tell you that I also teach sugar babies how to manage their relationships with sugar daddies?” Women in different countries have very different reactions.

Here is a list of Australian women's reactions:

"I really like the honesty in sugar daddy relationships."

"Wow. That's great! That niche is definitely the best in the love market."

"I'm curious. Where are these sugar babies and sugar daddies in Australia? How can I meet sugar daddies?"

Here is a list of British women's reactions:

"That's fine. Women should totally stop judging each other."

"As long as the relationship is about love and connection rather than manipulation, I won't be put off."

"That's okay."

Here is a list of American women's reactions:

"What does sugar baby mean?"

"Is that about younger women with older men?"

"Does that have anything to do with prostitution or gold-diggers?"

Obviously, from this survey, in general, we can see that Australian women tend to like sugar daddy dating, British women are neutral, yet American women do not really understand what sugar dating really is. (This conclusion comes from the women who participated in the survey.)

In fact, sugar daddy dating is the least manipulative dynamics among all relationships, because it's the most honest, straightforward and direct relationship of all.

Also, sugar daddy relationships are not about prostitution or gold-diggers, because the essence of a sugar relationship is being upfront so that no one needs to play games anymore, thereby forming a mutually beneficial relationship in which nobody will be hurt.

Australian women tend to like sugar daddy dating more than British women and American women due to a range of reasons:

1. The cost of living in Australia is probably the highest in the world.

Let's take a large cup of decaf cappuccino in Australia as an example. In 2011, it cost $4.3. However, in 2016, it costs $6.3. It is said that at some stage in the near future, it will cost $20. Therefore, it is clear that the cost of living in Australia is extremely high. Because Australia is the most expensive country in the world, Australian women already know that working hard alone probably won't solve their problems, not to mention making their dreams come true.

2. Although Australia claims that this country offers the highest minimum income and Australians are generally very well paid, the tax is incredibly high as well.

Indeed, the minimum hourly wage in Australia is approximately $17 which is the highest minimum hourly wage in the world. Yet Australian tax-payers have to pay a very high tax at the same time. That's how Australia becomes a country with the greatest social welfare. That also means Australians' take-home income isn't as much as people would assume. Consequently, when facing such kind of pressure, Australian women are more likely to believe in the sugar dating lifestyle.

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