Why are There More University Sugar Babies in Australia

Although the Australian population isn't the largest in the world, the percentage of sugar babies among Australian university students is the highest on the planet, according to the world's biggest sugar daddy dating site SeekingArrangement. If you are wondering why this is happening, then you are looking at the right place - we've done some profound research into this.

College Sugar Babies

  • Jobs that can be found after graduation can't justify the tuition fees they have paid while studying at university in Australia. Most university graduates can only find jobs that pay them AU$30,000 - AU$50,000 annually. If you live in Australia where the cost of living is incredibly high, this salary can barely help you make ends meet. There are many Australians who still have student debt in their late 30s because they couldn't find good jobs that can help them pay their student debt after graduation. Therefore, many switched-on university students are using sugar daddy dating sites to find sugar daddies or sugar mommas who are happy to help them with their finances early on, so when they graduate, they have already saved some money and don't need to worry about their financial future.
  • Your network is your net worth in Australia. Finding employment isn't easy in Australia, and many positions that are advertised online are actually obtained by people who know someone in the organisation. Yes, your network is your net worth in this country. If you stay in the library all day, you'll never meet the right person who can help you to expand and upgrade your network. So no matter how hard you study, you are missing out on something huge if you don't try sugar daddy dating sites. Indeed, sugar daddies and sugar mommas not only help you financially, they also introduce very important connections to you before you even start your career. So your future career success is guaranteed.
  • Australians are more open-minded and can accept different lifestyles. This is especially true among the younger generation. We have interviewed many random Australians, asking them what they think of the sugar lifestyle. We haven't received a negative comment yet, because Australians interviewed by us all believe that it's someone's personal choice and it should be respected. Also, Australians like the honesty of sugar dating.

At the moment, there are 82,760 university sugar babies in Australia. 62% of them are Caucasian, 9% of them are Asian and 8% of them are Black. Other ethnic groups are also on sugar daddy dating sites, although their numbers are slightly smaller. SeekingArrangement has even listed the ranking of universities whose students are on this sugar daddy dating site: The top three universities with the highest numbers of sugar babies are University of Sydney, University of Newcastle and Queensland University of Technology. According to a report provided by SeekingArrangement.com, the average monthly allowance received by a regular sugar baby is AU$3,000 - this is pretty much like the income of a full-time job in Australia and you only need to see your sugar daddy a few times a week.

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