Where do most Australian Sugar Daddies find their Sugar Babies

Sugar Daddy Dating AustraliaWouldn't you think sugar daddies in Australia will be swamped with sugar babies? Given the stereotypical perceptions of the Aussie lifestyle, you'd expect that sugar daddies would be spoilt for choice when looking for a baby to take care of.

After all, Australia is the country which is often called the land of milk and honey and is famed for its sun, sand and surf, as well as for having an eclectic mix of seriously attractive women. Migration to the country from a multitude of European, Asian and other countries over the last four or five decades has meant that many of the young women in Australia are blends of various nationalities and races, thereby producing some very attractive, exotic looking women.

It's fair to say you would assume, therefore, that older men wishing to be sugar daddies to those women in Australia who aspire to be a sugar baby would be able to easily find a sugar baby in country.

But, no, this is not necessarily so.

According to recent news reports, there are over 15,000 Australian men looking for love online - and many of these are looking for a sugar daddy sugar baby type relationship. What's more, this number of sugar daddies continues to increase in Australia owing to a variety of factors such as:

  • An ageing wealthy male population
  • Men generally living longer than before (of course, the attraction of older wealthy men to young attractive women has never changed since the millennium - it's a given fact of life!)
  • Higher divorce rates amongst the general population, but particularly amongst the older generations - meaning there are more newly single, older wealthy men - and, accordingly, more potential sugar daddies
  • Of course, the internet which means that no longer are sugar daddies in Australia, or anywhere else for that matter, restricted to looking for sugar babies in their home town or country

This last point above leads us to another key, interesting finding of the recent survey: more than half of the 15,000 or so potential sugar daddies looking for a sugar baby have chosen to try and find the sugar baby of their dreams according to SeekingArrangement - a well-known so-called hookup site for both men and women looking for non-conventional type of relationships such as sugar daddy sugar baby liaisons!

Why would this be? When Australian girls seemingly have everything going for them; when they are attractive and appealing; when there are plenty of sugar daddies around; and the numbers of young women deciding to become sugar babies in Australia (especially around university age as more and more university students are turning to wealthy sugar daddies to help pay for their education and lifestyle) is definitely on the increase, and has been the subject or recent heated debate in the Australian media...

Well, some factors why Australian sugar daddies chose American women in preference to those in their home country. According to the survey organisers, include both the obvious and not so obvious:

  • There are more of them (potential sugar babies that is) with almost 1 million women in the US compared to only around 100,000 women in Australia keen to explore this type of relationship
  • It's something new for a sugar daddy to have a sugar baby from another country - it's different, exciting and gives a chance for sugar daddies to explore and get to know other cultures
  • American women are well known to vivacious and sensual, yet have well respected abilities to be discreet and as well as clearly knowing what they want from life

You may be surprised, you be not.... but, of course, the above assertions that sugar daddies in Australia by and large prefer to have a sugar baby from the US can be debated at length. However, if you believe the numbers, it does seem that there is a clear trend for wealthy, older men to go offshore when looking for the new love of their lives...

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